Laura Carney is a magazine copy editor, writer and illustrator based in New York City. She copyedits Good Housekeeping full-time and proofreads novels and cookbooks for St. Martin's Press on a freelance basis. Laura has written for Good Housekeeping, Runner's World, the Associated Press, OK! magazine, McSweeney’s, Monkeybicycle, Vagabondage Press, various trade magazines, Basket of Kisses and Fashion and Grammar Gripes. She is writing a memoir about her father, who died in a distracted driving crash, and works to raise awareness with End Distracted Driving. She also raises distracted-driving awareness as a National Safety Council Survivor Advocate and as a marathon runner—she was interviewed by Amy Guth on WGN-Radio about her activism (click on Amy's name to listen). E-mail her at carney.laura{at}gmail.com.