Some great distracted-driving awareness exposure...

I got a piece up in the Washington Post last week. Here's an excerpt:

"Finally, in July 2013, I saw it. I was at Good Housekeeping, editing a story about a man who had lost his daughter in a crash. Casey Feldman, 21, an aspiring journalist at Fordham University, was walking home from a summer job in Ocean City, N.J., when a delivery van driver became distracted, ran a stop sign and killed her. Her father learned afterward that the driver had been holding some iced tea and reaching for a GPS device at the same time. 

"In his grief, Joel Feldman thought about his daughter’s interest in journalism. She had believed that telling stories made a difference. So Joel started a nonprofit, End Distracted Driving, in Casey’s honor and began telling her story in schools.

"Alarms went off in my head as I read the story. My father had also died because of a distracted driver."